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Carolina Landau


I am a Certified Root Cause Protocol Consultant and EFT Practitioner.

Before studying with the RCP Institute, I spent 16 years diving deep into reconnecting with my true nature. My journey began in 2005 by conquering addiction and having a spiritual awakening that opened me up to the possibility of healing on multiple levels. Through years of studying Kundalini Yoga, meditation, astrology, human design, herbalism, and EFT, I learned just how connected our bodies are to the mind, emotions, soul, and the external world. So upon discovering the Morley’s work, thankfully I was able to recognize just how special it is.

It brings me so much joy to help others end their suffering and create more energy so they can focus on what really matters— sharing their gifts with the world! I am passionate about holistic health, and being a part of the shift in healthcare from the impersonal system of treating symptoms and managing disease to the self-guided holistic approach of addressing what is at the core of all illness— metabolic dysfunction. Some of my gifts and interests that I’ve cultivated since healing are my relationships with the land, animals and plants, ancestral cooking, aesthetic talents with jewelry making and creating sanctuary space. I look forward to witnessing your healing and all that you discover!

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