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Carrie Higdon

Baton Rouge, LA

Hi, I’m Carrie. I am a wife, mom, and Christ follower. I am an ASCM certified exercise physiologist and have a master’s degree in nutrition and human performance from Logan University.

Like other RCPC’s, what led me to the Root Cause Protocol was my own health issues specifically hypothyroidism, anxiety, and gut dysbiosis. I had tried so many diets and supplements, which led me to feel defeated, confused, and just wanting to feel good again. This search led me to the Root Cause Protocol. With the abundant client testimonies and the worldwide research, it seemed to me that RCP is a great foundation for achieving optimal, long-term health of a person as well as a hopeful spark to bring lasting change to health care.

If you are an RCP expert or new to the protocol, I would love to help you take the next step in your health journey with compassion and hope. I believe the RCP can help anyone find the root cause of their symptoms and take the next positive step for lasting change. I also desire to help those have a healthier relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves. Lastly, I offer Christian-informed consulting for those who are interested.

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