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Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.


Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C. is the founder of The Leadership Guide where he helps Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives and Business Owners unlock their Heroic Potential, Evolve into Legendary Leaders, Forge Ahead and Flourish! He does this through his Legendary Leadership Coaching, Speaking, Writing, and Top 1% Podcast!

Cody studied the Leadership Development world and discovered something – It doesn’t work! That’s why Cody no longer does it. Leadership Development has an 80% failure rate, and with the world falling more and more into a leadership crisis, Cody knew he had to do something different.

This led to Cody developing his Award-Winning category of “Legendary Leadership”. It looks not only at the skills of a leader, but also the Psychophysiology and the Core of Leadership. Cody has trained and gotten certified with the greatest minds in Leadership and different aspects of Psychophysiology, including Flow Psychology, Neurocardiology, Kinesiology, Eudaimonology, Nutrition, Respiration, and more!

Cody has won multiple awards including the Leadership Coaching Service of the Year (2023) Award, Outstanding Leadership Award, and CREA Global Award for his contributions to Leadership. He has written over 200 articles on Legendary Leadership and has been published in Forbes and Brainz Magazine.

As an RCPC, he helps leaders take control of their health and stress, while also helping them become Legendary Leaders!

Cody is a devout Christian, and lives happily with his spouse in Austin, TX working with clients both in person and online.

Company Name: The Leadership Guide

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