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Collin Quaner

Manchester and Duesseldorf

Collin Quaner

Akwaaba (welcome in Ghanian), my name is Collin Quaner, ex professional footballer and father of 2. I was born and raised in Duesseldorf, Germany in 1991. My mom is German, and my dad is from Ghana, Africa.

I was a notably active child growing up and loved playing sports, it wasn’t long before I followed my father’s passion and started playing football by the age of 5. What started as a hobby and continued throughout my childhood and teenage years, eventually lead me to start playing professional football at the age of 18.

In 2017, after various successful singings with clubs within Germany, I ventured overseas and started playing football in the UK. It was here that I got to experience competing with the best athletes in the game and play in the most competitive league in the world, when it comes to football!

However, my journey was far from smooth. It was a bumpy road with a lot of ups and downs, finding my path through trial and error right from the early days of my football journey.
I am a 90’s kid, and that means I grew up on all the childhood favourite junk food of that era… Subsequently, from a very young age I developed multiple health issues, from skin irritations, supposed anaemia, chronically inflamed knees, Osgood-Schlatter to allergic and exercise induced asthma. My parents and I ended up spending more time in doctors’ offices, than being out there on the grass with my friends, enjoying playing football.

Football was my true passion, and I was dedicated to exploring the heights I could reach and what I could achieve during my prime years as a player, so in 2010 I decided to take my health into my own hands. Since then, I read every book I came across about human physics, nutrition and vitamins. I spent countless hours researching, in an attempt to get to the root cause of my issues.
I tried every ‘Holistic’ trick in the book and every trending new health diet to go with it!

I retired from football in early 2022, from there I decided to study biomedicine and nutrition at the college of naturopathic medicine in the UK. However, nothing I have come across so far can be compared with the amount, depth and most importantly truth of knowledge that I have gained and that is being taught at the Root Cause Protocol Institute. Today, because of the RCP I truly understand what has been the root cause of all the health challenges that I have dealt with. Thankfully, they are all a thing of the past now and I no longer suffer from any of my symptoms, which is the greatest feeling of success in my life.

I am very grateful, for the more than a decade of time and research Morley Robbins has spent to unveil truth and root of humanities ever so increasing health challenges. I love helping others and have dedicated the rest of my life to support you on your journey to optimal health, achieve your goals and help you to get to the root of your heath challenges! Thank you for taking the time to read these words.

I am usually available within a week, please feel free to reach out to me if you wish to uncover more about the services I provide or to schedule an initial consultation.

I look forward to beginning this transformative journey with you!

Here’s to your health and happiness!


Company Name: Cynergy Performance

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