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Dr. Dusty Cloud


As a practicing chiropractor for nearly 4 decades, I couldn’t understand why America was such an unhealthy country. I noticed as decades passed patients were not responding as they did in the 80s and 90s. America is 5 to 6% of the worlds population yet we use more drugs than many countries combined. Why of all the industrialized nations do we rate nearly last in health? Once Americans fall ill, they are ushered into a healthcare system that does nothing to address poor health choices. Until doctors are incentivized to get patients better, patients should only expect to get worse. In March 2022 God led me to the Root Cause Protocol. I learned that in our food systems, vitamins and minerals have been intentionally altered. I learned why some of my own personal symptoms have not resolved. With the RCP they are now resolving. I have learned how lab values have been changed to make more profit for the pharmaceutical companies, I’ve learned that research shows the opposite of what the medical system does for patients. We are surrounded by supposed health experts, yet the world has never been sicker. Our modern healthcare system recommends drugs, surgery and vaccines and has become an engine of disease creation and perpetuation, rather than resolution. I believe in the power that made the body heals the body. Becoming certified in the RCP has taught me that health is found when you uncover the root cause of the initial issue. I would love to be part of your journey to restoring your health. You can reach me via email, text or phone call.

God bless you,
Dusty Cloud
cell 562-743-2499


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