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Jeanne Wilson


YOUR body was created to HEAL itself! My hearts desire is to spread this life changing TRUTH to the world!

My own journey began with an “irreversible” medical diagnosis followed by 9 months of disability. I knew that my body could heal…I just wasn’t sure how. I began intensive study of the body and its innate healing abilities. I didn’t want a “quick fix” or a pill to mask my problem, I wanted to uncover the root cause of my illness.

In time, my body did indeed heal itself. I knew that my mission was to help others understand that their body was perfectly created and it too knows how to heal. I have been working with clients in my practice for almost 20 years. The RCP is well suited to my style because it aligns with my belief system: simplicity and authenticity coupled with the assuredness that the body does indeed heal itself. Your body is NOT broken, it is deficient!

In addition to being an RCP consultant, I am an ND, Emotion Code practitioner, EMDR Trained Therapist and, HTMA professional. I am also a happily married mother of 2 and recent empty nester.

I like to laugh, expect the best, and cheer others on. I am all about authenticity and keeping it simple as I partner with you to empower you on your health journey. Feel free to schedule a discovery call to see if we would be a good fit 🙂

Company Name: The Simple Health Solution LLC

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