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Katie Fuchs (RCPC/Bioresonance)


The RCP has transformed our family. I took the course as ‘just’ a mom who wanted to heal myself and first born son. I now work with entire families on a healing journey to wellness. When mom is healthy, she can then begin to positively focus on the rest of her family. You are only as healthy as your sickest child. I have helpful suggestions for implementing the protocol for the family, even for children who can’t swallow pills.

Bioresonance with the Solex AO scanner is my recent venture which I’m incorporating into my sessions. Scans are included in every session and it gives us a comprehensive, educational snapshot of what stress you might be enduring. The scanner picks up on the frequencies of parasites, adrenal fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, meridians, chakras, iron overload, digestive enzymes, potassium, sodium, virus’, bacteria, and emotional imbalances (just to highlight a few!) and can be done remotely. It’s uncanny how accurate the results often are.

Depleted moms create depleted babies and I know that all too well. I have seen improvement with my clients in the following areas: hypothyroidism, weight loss, mood and hormone regulation, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, sleep, runny noses, chronic coughs, ear infections, strep throat, tics, cavities, eczema and parasites etc. I have weaned myself off of thyroid medication with the help of the RCP. I can interpret HTMA’s and blood tests, which are a great place to start but not mandatory.

Company Name: Katie Fuchs Wellness

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