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Meredith Fuson-Hill, RDN, RCPC

South Carolina

I’m so grateful to have discovered the RCP while going through a tough time. I was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and all the challenges that come with it. Up to that point I was doing and buying “all the things” to get better but nothing helped. I now understand that’s because I was essentially chasing symptom-relief instead of getting to the true root cause of it all. I am personally motivated to help you experience relief and make sense of it all, too!

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2005 and completed the RCP Institute consultant training in 2021. I enjoy traveling with teenage sons, reading, and doing anything that involves being outdoors in the sunshine.

I feel most confident working with those who are experiencing fatigue and mood disorders, as well as those who have a history of weight loss (bariatric) surgery. However, the beauty of the RCP is that it can and does work for everybody. I realize the RCP can be a lot to grasp and implement at times, and may require some troubleshooting in order to work for you and that is what I can help you with. Whether or not you have HTMA results and/or the Full Monty blood work, progress CAN be made.

Please email if you have an interest in starting your health journey with me.

Company Name: Wellness with Meredith

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