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Moneca Dunham (RN, BSN, RCPC, CBM)


I truly enjoy guiding clients on this journey toward balance and healing. I have been eating an ancestral diet since 2005.

My parents were raised on ancestral foods, but I had to find them for myself as an adult while searching for healing for my child. She has completely recovered from pediatric gastroparesis. I have several years of experience working with both pediatric and adult clients.

I had been coaching others on their healing journeys for years with a focus on ancestral diet and detoxification. The RCP, which prioritizes iron <> copper dysregulation, was the missing link that I still needed. I learned that detoxification no longer needs to be a focus when iron, copper, and magnesium are prioritized, the liver is supported, and a nutrient-dense ancestral diet is consumed.

Fatigue is the most common complaint for patients when they go to see their practitioner. I guide clients in balancing minerals, restoring nutrients, managing stress, and prioritizing sleep. This improves energy, restores calm, maximizes sleep quality, improves elimination, strengthens immunity, and more. Nutrients, especially minerals, are key to keeping multiple body systems like the immune, hormonal, neurological, etc. in balance.

I use my training and experience in conventional medicine as an RN, my years using ancestral diet and natural remedies, my training as a biomagnetism therapist and cell salt facial analysis practitioner, along with my training as an RCP consultant, to guide you on your path towards balance and thriving.

When you begin your healing journey using ancestral diet and nutrient balancing, there will be bumps, twists, and turns. I come alongside you, as a guide, to help you see that your body is not broken, just out of balance. I teach you to trust the process and to listen to what your body is trying to communicate.

We can thrive, have abundant energy, and live free of symptoms and disease only when our bodies have sufficient minerals and other nutrients. Using your results from the HTMA and full monty panel, along with identifying stressors/stored traumas to release through EFT, I will guide you toward the healing and balance you seek. I look forward to working with you!

I am also a biomagnetism therapist and a cell/tissue salt facial analysis practitioner.

I use Zoom video chat for consultations.

Company Name: Mountain Thrive

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