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Ruth Monti

New York

Hi! I’m excited to be a part of the RCP movement, and gain the knowledge Morley Robbins has compiled over the years of his research, to implement this protocol into my holistic health practice. I first started my career in wellness as a licensed esthetician with a love for holisticism and making people feel better in their skin. What I soon realized was the health and beauty of the skin most heavily relies on the internal ecology of the body, and I needed to be able to help people feel better from the inside out. Now I knew I had to dig deeper to unlock the body’s hidden potential. So began my journey into Homeopathy and the study of Biochemic Tissue Salts as I truly believe in the effect of the energetic properties of homeopathic medicine on our physiology. I gained my diploma in Clinical Homeopathy and my love and excitement for uncovering the body’s innate intelligence grew. I knew there was more to learn, being a person that is always on the lookout for modalities that resonate with my beliefs. One day, while researching, I stumbled across the Root Cause Protocol and from there I was hooked. To be able to tap into our own healing potential through whole food nutrition and healing modalities that honor the body’s innate ability to survive and thrive really captivated me. So, now I am very proud and excited to be able to offer RCP Consultations within my practice offerings and share the wisdom that comes from this information.

Company Name: Healing Earth Method

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