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S. Sequoia Stafford


As a Vitality Physician, I specialize in reversing wellness challenges like ED, infertility, sexual dysfunction, and aging symptoms like degeneration, fatigue, pain and inflammation. I stumbled upon this work when my life at age 26 changed forever from Lyme disease. Now at the age of 52 I can honestly say, it has been a slow medicine process of research, investigation, trial and error and alternative medicine problem solving to become Lyme-free and thriving.

It is my mission to support others to heal from life debilitating wellness challenges that Western medicine doesn’t have answers for. My journey to wellness has taught me that each one of us has a unique cocktail of healing modalities that can bring us into balance with health and vitality. Mine was to be a wounded healer with the tenacity to never give up in the face of a challenge that seems insurmountable. I love to investigate and learn what works for the individual in front of me. Reach out if you feel my special way of seeing people through challenges resonates. I’d be honored to support your journey. Here’s a little of what I’m up to in the world…

Sequoia is an author, podcaster, educator, sex coach & master healer who weaves over 20 years of study, practice, teaching and exploration of Ontology, Psychology, Shamanism, Mysticism, Advanced Tantra Therapies, Bio-hacking, Full-Spectrum Energy Medicine, NLP, Drama Therapy, Hypnosis, Nutrition, and her own discoveries of the Science of Now, to guide seekers to be the healthiest human beings possible. Just like our fingerprints, each one of us has a unique design for what brings and keeps us healthy, healed, and in the eXtasy of life.

Company Name: Turquoise Wisdom Alchemy & Consulting


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