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Tracy Biglay


I was thrown into the reality of a damaged healthcare system when my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38. Following the trail of that broken system I began to question the mandatory interventions our kids face, and the years of damage my kids small bodies endured as a result of these dirty interventions and lack of real nutrition we as a society have lost over the last 100 years. I’ve been doctoring my children and my loved ones for years-and eventually myself, with the self-inflicted damage of breast implants. My explant journey opened up a whole new dynamic of healing and toxicity awareness. My mother, recently diagnosed with a rare form of autoimmune encephalitis, was recently left in a vegetative state by the physicians in the hospital. With combined therapies and the RCP, I was able to bring her back to life. Out of bed where they said she may never leave. Walking without assistance. Eating without a g-tube. Laughing at her own jokes. Now cooking and showering on her own. All within 3 months of being told there was little hope. I truly believe the motto that there is no disease-only dysregulation. My family is living proof of it!

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