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Valerie Köhler


“Hi there! My name is Valerie and I help adult women get clear skin naturally using a root cause approach so they can ditch restrictive diets and start glowing from within.

I tried everything for acne including harsh treatments such as accutane, elimination diets, homeopathy, and so much more! No matter what I did my skin was never really acne free…

After 10 years of birth control I decided to come off which made my acne angrier than ever, and it made me realise that I had to address the issue from the root cause.

Ever since working on healing my hormones and metabolism through balancing my minerals and the RCP my skin has never been more clear, my cycles are regular and pain free, I am able to have a normal life, eat a variety of foods without breaking out and rock my bare skin!

How is my approach different? I help you get to the the root cause of acne with a 360 degree approach to healing that is non-restrictive and practical to implement long term!

I work with clients online all over the world through one to one coaching and group coaching programs.”

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