Morley speaks with Courtney about the fascinating world of iron metabolism and its significance for our health. Morley provides an in-depth interpretation of Courtney’s personal blood test results, highlighting the importance of understanding our individual health markers.

They talk about the roles of various proteins in preventing excess iron and the influence of diet, sleep, stress, and glyphosate exposure on our iron levels., then delve into the correlation between copper and COVID symptoms and the importance of maintaining balanced mineral intake.

The conversation also covers the role of copper in iron regulation and inflammation prevention.

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:00 – Understanding Iron Metabolism and Test Results
  • 12:38 – Iron Metabolism’s Impact on Health
  • 22:09 – Iron Metabolism and Copper in COVID
  • 33:50 – Exploring Systemic Benefits and Nutrient Imbalances
  • 47:47 – Reference Ranges and Master Antioxidants
  • 53:53 – Iron and Copper Levels in Body
  • 01:06:25 – New Information on Body Health

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