In this episode, Morley speaks with Dr Max Gulhane about the biochemical mechanisms of copper and iron use in the body, particularly how they relate to mitochondrial health.

He also discusses soil mineral depletion and the effect of agricultural herbicide glyphosate in chelating copper, reducing its prevalence in the food supply. Dr Max suggests this interview presents a fascinating different perspective on the mitochondrial approaches of Dr Jack Kruse and Dr Laszlo Boros.

0:02:21 Podcast begins
0:18:25 Mitochondria, Melatonin, and Copper
0:33:31 Copper and Energy Regulation Role
0:42:04 Copper and Iron’s Role in Metabolism
0:55:45 Iron Dysregulation and Role of Ferritin
01:01:49 Iron and Copper Dysregulation Explained
01:17:19 Copper Deficiency and Industrial Herbicides
01:30:25 Minerals and Health Impact Exploration

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