Morley speaks with Logan Duvall about the often-overlooked world of minerals, shining a spotlight on the pivotal roles of magnesium and copper in maintaining optimal health in this episode of Sowing Prosperity.

Discover the profound impact of these essential minerals on farming, pregnancy, childhood, and even cancer prevention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Magnesium & Copper Essentials: Uncover the vital roles of magnesium and copper for overall health and well-being.
  • Copper Toxicity Misunderstood: Demystify the misconceptions surrounding copper toxicity and understand its crucial significance.
  • Minerals in Farming: Explore the indispensable role of minerals in farming for optimal crop growth and agricultural success.
  • Minerals, Light & Melanin: Delve into the fascinating connection between minerals, light, melanin, and melatonin for a deeper understanding of their impact on our bodies.
  • Warburg Effect & Cancer: Learn about the link between the Warburg effect, sugar fermentation, and how copper and retinol deficiency are connected to cancer.
  • Copper Deficiency & Pregnancy: Unravel the significant impacts of copper deficiency on pregnancy and childhood development.
    Environmental Influences: Discover how environmental factors, such as exposure to glyphosate and antibiotics, affect copper levels in the body.
  • This conversation also touches on the difference between ascorbic acid and true vitamin C, the vital role of copper in hyaluronic acid production for wound repair, and the negative impact of ascorbic acid on copper uptake.
  • Uncover the hidden secrets of copper and minerals that have the potential to transform your understanding of health and wellness!

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