December 26, 2022
Student Testimonial | Angie Cook

Tune into this interview with Angie Cook; Holistic Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and RCP Institute graduate.

Angie found the RCP while searching for answers for her own failing health. After suffering childhood trauma and a number of traumatic events in her adult life, Angie’s health crashed hugely after particular hiking event, leaving her with ongoing fatigue, digestive issues and without the capacity to flourish in everyday life. Angie tried many health practitioners, remedies and supplements with only little success. She found the RCP and began to see real healing.

Although she describes herself as still healing, she now has the capacity to enjoy life with more energy and less brain fog and digestive symptoms. Since becoming a Root Cause Protocol Consultant and integrating the RCP into her existing holistic nutrition practice, Angie has also seen great results with her own clients.

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