For many years Melinda Tairi suffered the effects of being exposed to toxins as a diesel mechanic. Her severe symptoms of fatigue, weakness, brain fog, depression and IBS made it hard to do her job and go about her daily life. Eventually she embarked down the natural health route and was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus, Lyme Disease, MTHFR, heavy metal poisoning, parasites and Candida.

She tried many supplements and dietary approaches, even taking herself off to India and South America to try different healing modalities. It wasn’t until she had a consult with Morley and began the RCP that she began to experience more energy and vitality. She has been able to return to work, recommence going to the gym and is generally feeling much happier within herself!

Mel’s thirst for knowledge lead her to the RCP Institute, where she has recently completed her studies to become a Root Cause Protocol Consultant and hopes to help others on their healing journey.

You can find Melinda at:

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