December 5, 2018
Version 9.1 of the RCP Instruction Manual now available for download

What’s new in Version 9.1?

  • We reformatted the Recommended Products section from lists to tables.  It’s much easier to read and comprehend now!
  • We added new links to several international distributors throughout the Recommended Products section.
  • We added a few products that were being used and recommended by the community, but were accidentally missing in Version 9.0.
  • We made a few special notes about dosages for Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E, and Iodine.  (Remember, with most nutrients, you generally need to build up your dose over time… listen to your body and go slowly! And if you want to talk to someone and get personalized help, book an RCP Consult.)
  • We changed “Start Eating Ancestral / Paleo Diet” to “Start Eating Organic Wholefoods”, moved it from Phase 3 to Phase 1 (Step 7), and added several notes of clarification.  (Remember, the RCP is a process — it’s about “direction”, not “perfection.”)
  • We corrected a typo in Phase 3, Step 1: Silica / Diatomaceous Earth dosing. Changed dosage from “tbsp” to “tsp”.

How to download Version 9.1 of the RCP Instruction Manual:

  • If you’re already subscribed to our mailing list, go here and use the password that was emailed to you when you first signed up.
  • If you’re new to RCP and you’ve never downloaded it before, please sign up here, and you’ll receive the password via email to download it for free.

PS – In the past 3 weeks, there were over 1,000 downloads of version 9.0 of RCP Instruction Manual.  We hope all of you are finding this RCP Instructional Manual helpful!

If you have any feedback, or if you need help, please contact Customer Service.

-Team RCP

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