April 3, 2019
Version 9.3 of the RCP Instruction Manual now available for download

What’s new in Version 9.3?

  1. Added APPENDIX A – GLOSSARY OF KEY SCIENTIFIC TERMS.  (Does your brain cringe trying to keep track of Morley discuss Hemoglobin, Hepcidin, and Hephaestin?  Or Ferroxidase, Ferroportin, and Ferritin? 
    Then you are going to LOVE this new quick reference guide that clearly and simply defines two dozen of the most common scientific terms. This is awesome!!!)
  2. Added APPENDIX B – DOCUMENT CHANGE HISTORY; Included all Change notes from previous versions, and moved it from the beginning to the end of the document.
  3. Modified the RCP Suggested Daily Schedule to put Diatomaceous Earth (DE) & Rice Bran into a category called “Right before bed, or first thing in the morning (away from food)”; added clarifications to dosages of each that discuss how you can alternate between DE & Rice Bran. Also, added a category called “Throughout the day”, and moved Trace Minerals Drops from “Breakfast” into this new category.
  4. Added a clarification to FAQs (Part 1) about how the Phases are all  additive — when you begin implementing Phase 2, you should still continue following Phase 1, and so on.
  5. Added Enviromedica Beef Liver supplement to PHASE 2.
  6. Added Detox People as a UK & EU Supplier of various RCP products.
  7. Added several Ancient Lakes products: Pure Kakadu Plum Powder & Capsules, Magnesium Salt, and Magnesium Oil.
  8. Added a clarification to PHASE X – Donating Blood about “whole blood” and “therapeutic phlebotomy.”
  9. Added FAQ: “What if I’m pregnant or nursing?” (Short answer: All steps are fine except for Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Rice Bran, and blood donations.)
  10. Added FAQ: “What if I’m vegetarian or vegan?” (Short answer: Sorry, but you can’t get Retinol from non-animal sources.)

How to download Version 9.3 of the RCP Instruction Manual:

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    If you have any feedback, or if you need help, please contact Customer Service.

    -Team RCP

    PS – In the past few weeks, we’ve had some lively discussions in the premium RCP Community, and Morley posted:

    • Direct evidence of Ceruloplasmin antioxidant activities
    • ALS is caused by the over-expression of SOD (because Copper is MIA and Iron is STUCK!)
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