In the conversation, Scott and Morley discuss all things minerals. Morley’s highest purpose is to his decade of daily scientific research on the profound metabolic interplay between 3 key minerals: Magnesium, Bioavailable Copper and Iron. According to Morley, these mineral-driven metabolic concepts are not fully understood, nor appreciated in practitioner circles, and are certainly not in the public’s consciousness.

He regularly confers with world-renowned mineral experts, in addition to his research, and focuses on continued research, writing and educational conferences to promote his insights and findings. And today we get to share his story with you.

Here’s a closer look at the conversation:

The importance of iron stress (3:06)
The free radical theory of aging (7:16)
How’s iron tested? (11:23)
How mitochondria work (15:11)
How to get copper into your body (19:14)
The two forms of anemia (24:39)
Importance of the copper protein (29:03)
How to bring sovereignty back to the individual level (32:53)

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