In this episode of Wellness Mama with Katie Wells and Morley Robbin, Morley analyzed Katie’s HTMA tests. They discussed her labs, and what it means for whats going on in her body and her life. They look at the HTMA and blood tests together, and the results show Katie has some stress going on!

Morley talks about how stress shows up in lab work and why it is important to manage your stress.

Most of us have stress of some kind and deal with things such as estrogen dominance, iron imbalance, and not enough copper.

Morley goes really deep into what’s going on in Katie’s body, how minerals play a huge role, and which factors are common in other people (especially moms). They also go over what foods and supplements to take, when and why to do castor oil packs, progesterone’s role, stress reduction techniques that work, and so much more.

Listen in to hear more on how Morley analyzes Katies results, and the story they tell about her health and yours!


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