On today’s show, Morley is interviewed by Dr. Ben. They discuss many of the new things Morley has been learning and researching, including:

  • The liver is the main storage area for vitamin A and copper, and how this relates to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Iron disruption is a big part of this. We are bombarded with iron in today’s world. Our bodies are great at recycling iron. Once we eat it, it almost never leaves. A lot of people’s diet is fortified with iron. Couple this with the recycling that our bodies do, and we become overrun with iron.
  • The macrophage is the key to this recycling, and copper helps with regulating (chaperoning) the iron.
  • What serum iron and serum ferritin levels are and what a high or low level means.
  • How inflammation causes ceruloplasmin to lose its copper. When you lose the copper, iron is able to overrun the body. This extra iron mixes with oxygen in the body and causes oxidation (rust).
  • Age-related microdegeneration and its relation to iron and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • 10 minutes of good sunshine is long enough to make plenty of vitamin D for your body.

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