Morley Robbins talks about how there is “no such thing as an inflammation-based disease”. Morley explains how “inflammation” is simply a marker of cellular dysfunction and cellular dysfunction comes when a cell can’t adequately perform it’s primary 2 processes of MAKING ENERGY and CLEARING EXHAUST.

  • A cell can’t adequately make energy and clear exhaust when bioavailable copper is not available for the cell to use (copper is needed to properly change Oxygen into energy and also clear the free radical exhaust.
  • We discuss how animal-based vitamin D called retinol (found in cod live oil) is needed to use copper properly.
  • The vitamin A to D ratio needs to be 10:1 so when people take excess vitamin D, it causes vitamin A to be depleted.
  • We discuss how low vitamin D levels can be a marker of inflammation not a cause of inflammation and therefore just taking vitamin D supplements has not been shown to reverse chronic diseases of inflammation.

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