On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Morley Robbins. He begins the show by giving a recap of the EMF conference he attended this weekend. In summary, try to limit EMFs, but more importantly, upload your antioxidants and balance your minerals. You’ll be more resilient to EMFs. Morley speaks to forms of copper that are not bioavailable and how they react in the body. Copper isn’t really the glaring problem. Iron is. We take in iron, but our body recycles it so well that there is no excretory system for iron. Morley answers a few iron questions that come in through text. Dr. Ben asks Morley to clarify zinc and why it isn’t a good idea to supplement zinc. The supplemental zinc binds copper, which allows iron to get out of control. Morley explains why ascorbic acid creates a problem in the body. He clarifies some misunderstandings about ascorbic acid being listed as an ingredient in some whole food vitamin C products. Morley details hyaluronic acid and it’s benefits in the body.

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