Sometimes, when you give the body something for immediate relief, like vitamin D (which is actually a hormone), the long-term consequences just aren’t worth it. Morley gives a detailed explanation on mitochondrial function – making energy and clearing exhaust. He also goes on to use a low gas tank vs. low miles per gallon analogy for vitamin D. Low vitamin D doesn’t indicate a low gas tank, which would warrant filling the tank. It actually indicates low miles per gallon, which can’t be fixed by filling the tank with synthetic vitamin D. He shares how covid 19 is actually a problem with iron disregulation. Of course there’s a virus, but the people that succumb to this virus have an obvious iron regulation issue. They spend the second half of the show explaining how vitamin D works in the body and how it affects iron levels. A few studies that support this view are discussed. They finish the show by discussing “starts” and “stops” in relation to Morley’s Root Cause Protocol.

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