In this episode Morley and Dr. Ben reinforce the idea that the very, very root cause of “disease” is metabolic chaos at the cellular level. They stress how American’s have lost their resiliency and resistance to disease because the mitochondria get stuck in a low energy, pro-inflammatory mode. Other highlights are:

  • The lack of bioavailable copper is the number one thing driving this lack of resiliency
  • Dietary iron goes right into mitochondria
  • The mitochondria flips into an “M1” state which is characterized by low energy output and high free radical output. This design was to handle the primary stressors in our ancestors lives: germs and trauma.
  • Once the stressor has been taken care of by the pro-inflammatory free radicals then the mitochondria can flip into “M2” state. In the M2 state, the mitochondria makes lots of energy and very little free radicals so that the cell can heal.
  • “Copper histadine” mimics ceruloplasmin and makes “serum copper” based off this concept for skin and wound repair. It is possible some this copper can be absorbed into the body and have a beneficial impact on ceruloplamin activity
  • Sugar (especially HFCS), roundup, Ascorbic acid, birth control pills, Antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy all cause the usable copper to be forced out of ceruloplasmin so that it isn’t available to do it’s job of activating oxygen.

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