July 5, 2018
Amanda L. | The Root Cause Protocol helped to manage my stress levels
This past Monday we buried my brother. He was only 59 years old. He had a massive stroke and after 4 days quietly passed away in a coma. I have for some time tried to convince him to get on the protocol but he was on allopathic medicines and not ready to make the change. He felt too poorly. I have however been on the RCP since April with stunningly positive results. Since hearing of his critical health, I was stressed but remained remarkably calm with my nerves steady and strong. I have slept a bit poorer but not going into my sleep depravation mode. I travelled 2,000 km to Pretoria and walked for hours without experiencing any pain in my legs or feet. I stood up and talked at the funeral with steadiness, wearing a pair of high heeled boots ALL day, I even helped filling up my brother’s grave with a shovel right to the top. I maintained the protocol daily but not as religiously as I usually do. My body managed all this exceptionally well. Thank you Morley Robbins. You have indeed saved me from a lifeless healthy and early death.

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