August 12, 2020
Craig L. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me help others more effectively

Craig shared with us his success story. He has implemented it himself and the research behind it has confirmed his own conclusions.

This is what he shared:

The RCP has helped me help others more effectively.

I’ve been in full-time clinical nutrition since 2000 and part-time since 1990.
I’ve had and recovered from a broken neck, torn MCL, torn rotator cuff, inguinal hernia, all no surgery.

The RCP has helped my own research from other angles in health, it validated my own conclusions, and now its easier to push that with RCP info.

Personally, I’ve used only the sun and cod liver oil for D, and all of its 27 isomers.  And RCP validated that knowing.

The RCP has helped a number of my clients accelerate their process of getting better energy, and better oxygen and iron management.

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