January 18, 2019
Daniel C. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me with weariness, tiredness and low energy levels
I am approximately 2 years into following the advice of Morley and embarking on the RCP, I’m a 54-year-old male based in London UK, my reason for following the RCP was to overcome a feeling of unshakeable weariness/tiredness/lack of energy. Two years on I feel much improved, I have followed 90% or so of the outlined RCP, I have donated blood 8 times and now actively seek out sunlight to glean UVB and hopefully increase my natural Vit D. I have followed the “Don’t Dos” from the list, I have specially cut down on large sugar intake. Using milk of magnesium as both a deodorant and part of my process for brushing teeth has been a fantastic discovery. Two years on, my feeling of wellbeing is so much better, I still feel I am learning a huge amount from Morley and the research that he unveils. Clearly achieving the correct balance of minerals and nutrients is complex and no doubt varies from one person to another but I have found the RCP Instruction Manual easy to follow and the rewards have come relatively swiftly for me. Please pass on my deepest thanks to Morley and colleagues’ his tireless research is very much appreciated and his delivery of the research makes it easy to understand and interesting, I hope he continues to grow the community of people who can benefit. Kind regards Daniel C.

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