July 8, 2021
Dave B. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me overcome painful fasciitis

I found your website after a saliva test indicated my iron levels were in the toxic range.

I have been following your protocol to include the electrolytes and especially incorporating magnesium into my system for only a few months, and it has already made a tremendous difference.

Along with some other positive effects, like improved energy, the major improvement has been to my painful fasciitis. It’s about 90% improved already and I can walk again for the first time in years without severe pain.

I am very grateful.  Thank you.

I’d like to add that I have been on a Weston A. Price diet for years (including cod liver oil and good pasture raised organ meats such as liver), but not getting sufficient magnesium and probably potassium.

As a software engineer, I debug and correct computer errors routinely, which requires “going under the hood” to the root cause of the problem. So the name “root cause protocol” caught my attention.

Mineral and vitamin imbalances can have a cascading effect through the whole body, so it makes sense that we should focus there first.

You might not believe how many times I’ve heard “my computer won’t turn on” when it’s not not even plugged in.  They will say, “I didn’t even think of that” just assuming it was, of course.

Other times, a software glitch can be a simple fix even though it appears much larger.  Sometimes it’s more complicated and that requires more work.  This is how I approach health.

People can sometimes miss the obvious.  Where’s Captain Hindsight when we need him?  🙂

I have told several people about RCP.  I love how you lay out a working step-by-step plan for people to easily incorporate the necessary nutrients into their daily routines at your own pace.

I also like the “stops and starts”.

I appreciate that you suggest cod liver oil, which I highly recommend (I can tell you how I healed a tooth abscess, but that’s another story).

Thank you so much and I hope to keep learning more.

Dave B

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