February 13, 2018
Iron Toxicity Post #68: It’s really the iron, especially in gluten!

Okay, folks, it’s officially Valentine’s Day back in the States.  Who “loves” you? Well, I certainly do!

This post will be short and “sweet,” (calorie-free!), will take 33 min out of your day, but it will change your life forevermore, of that I’m confident. Here’s the link:

In my humble opinion, Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD deserves the Nobel Prize for his compilation of research, his insights and his power-packed delivery on the toxicity of iron, especially as it is ubiquitously found in our grains, cereals, and baked goods! My favorite quotation from his presentation:

“Iron is the primary way in which you increase intracellular oxidative stress, have malignant transformation, and have chronic degenerative disease — everywhere!”

This is a blockbuster set of studies and is required reading of all. I am especially grateful to Valerie Engh for bringing this to our attention recently. I am excited to share these ironic pearls with the entire MAG FB Group.

I should warn you however, that despite his keen understanding of the toxicity of iron, he’s still chasing copper toxicity and iron anemia. Furthermore, he seems to lack a true solution, but we seem to have that covered:

So, this post is my V-day gift to you.  All I ask for, in return, is that this forward-thinking, proactive and iron-savvy group send it viral!

Have a blessed Valentine’s Day and do enjoy this treat!

A votre sante!

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