September 3, 2020
Laura P. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me with my Ehlers Danlos vascular disease & Chiari malformation

I have Ehlers Danlos vascular disease and a Chiari malformation.  I have DNA variants that I was born with and they are manifesting the older I get. My shoulders, knees, hips, spine (wherever there is a joint and connective tissue in the human body), are degenerative.  

 I’ve felt fatigued and depleted.  I was worn out and in severe pain. I have been in another protocol to help with the pain and that has helped to keep me moving but hasn’t conquered the “root cause “ of the problems. 

I like and appreciate the organization suggested chart on how to take the supplements.  The best thing that has happened is that I have been able to sleep for the last few weeks with five (5)!! hours of uninterrupted sleep!  

This is amazing because sleep was my nemesis and I could only sleep an hour here and there during the course of the night.

I feel calmer, more in control and I have more energy. I feel support from the emails that I receive from you I and have looked into the Australian Magnesium to sell.

I have more hope and I feel more like the self I was before the disease progressed.  

It seems daily that the protocol helps me more and more. My eyes seem brighter, hair more soft and the pains in my spine are diminished.   Looking forward to continued positive results!

Thank you for this life saving protocol!

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