October 1, 2018
Linda G. | Estrogen Dominance, Pain, Inflammation, Miscarriage
2017 was the year Morleys RCP saved my life. I will never forget the year 2017. Thank You very much Morley. 2014 was the year my health declined. I experienced several miscarriages and soon after my biochemistry was out of whack. I was engaged in my health and supplemented with the “usual suspects” as long as I can remember. High dose ascorbic acid several times a day to make sure a steady flow in the blood. High dose D and so on. I researched the internet and learned everything about estrogen dominance. I experienced inflammations in my neck, shoulder and hip. The pain was excruciating. I could not sleep and was crying at night. I gained weight. My clothing did not fit me and I wore my loose fitting shorts all summer. My legs swelled. My boobs swelled. My belly bloated like I was 6 months pregnant. I easily got wounds, which took a long time to heal. I had wounds rear end doing sit ups. I had wounds in my back driving my car. My eyes were dry and sometimes infected. I got skin infections. I was feeling miserable. Deprived of motivation. Careless. Depressive. Irritable. No doctors could help. One insinuated I was a hypochondriac What was happening? I started to do more research and learned about the hormones. The hormone supplementing was going to rescue my health, for sure. I started the bioidentical supplementing game. Progesterone relieved my symptoms immediately and I felt fabulous. However estrogen dominance never wanted to leave me. I was using progesterone all the time, high dosage, for a long time. The doctor put me on Thyroid as well. One day the doctor refused to prescribe progesterone because I was overusing and abusing it. Was I ever going to get well? I hated estrogen dominance and wanted my life back. 2016 I went to Belgium. This doctor was going to end my misery, for sure. I came back to Norway with all the bioidentical hormones you can think of, including estrogen, for Gods heavens sake can you believe it. I spent a lot of Money in Belgium. I remember asking the doctor why my serum estrogen was high at the same time FSH counting high. He did not know, acknowledging it was contradictory. Now I know why. He did not mention my low mag rbc. Autumn 2016 the nutrients got my attention and I engaged in a strict diet a la Weston Price. I excluded all vegetables, fruits and grains. A clever nutritionist talked about the lack of nutrients causing every health issue. I was blown away and started to research the nutrients. The nutrients was going to resolve my health issues, for sure. I tossed my hormones. Started eating. My diet actually had not been that bad since my health declined. I was already on a low carb diet, no grains, lots of vegetables, ecological. I was now doing the protocol stop list. I was a member of this group at the time, however I was more active in a norwegian group, which addressed the nutrients and advocated the Price diet. Spring 2017. I was feeling miserable. Mentally and physically. I was depressed. My brain was inflamed. I looked like a werewolf, my forehead swelled and bulged. I was crying, trying to figure out what was happening. I had gained weight. My mid waist was bulging and looked like a bowling ball. I started to lose faith. I started thinking of ways to end it. And I was crying, thinking of my son. I went to the doctor and took some tests. I had started to investigate this group some more. I checked my previous lab tests, including lab testing in Belgium, where they did a lot of testing, including mag rbc, ceruloplasmin etc. Ferritin was now 140 compared to 35 at the time my health worsened. I connected the dots and realized what had to be done. I started to rid of toxic iron and included blood phlebotomies, which I performed myself as I did not have the time to wait for donating blood. My mental health was going south. I started to learn about the minerals. 2017 was the year I learned about the minerals and toxic iron Health crisis resolved. No mental pain. No physical pain. Estrogen dominance no more. Thank you for being so patient, Morley. Thank you for repeating yourself. Thank you for all the time you have spent in research. Thank you for the digging. Thank you for presenting the cause of disease. Thank you for explaining in an easy to understand way. Thank you for this gift of knowing what I now know. THANK YOU.

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