February 9, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #17: Could ‘Folate deficiency’ be an EPI-genetic deficiency of bioavailable copper?

(Formerly #20)

This is a real brain twister.

Kouamou, E, et al. (2013). “[An uncommon etiology of anemia: copper deficiency]”

Maybe, just maybe, could all this foments about folate deficiency be an epigenetic deficiency of bioavailable copper that is affecting the metabolic function in our iron-stressed cells?

It does conjure up a very different perspective of Mother Nature vs. methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR).

Please note, B-Vitamins are all biogenic amines and they all do not work until they are ‘kissed’ by ceruloplasmin (Cp).

A votre sante!


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