February 11, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #18: Most on this planet are dealing with ‘Subclinical Iron Overload’

(Formerly #21)

It is my belief that most on this page and on this planet, are dealing with “Subclinical Iron Overload”.

I base that assertion on symptomology and my penchant for holding mirrors up to conventional thinking. Both Babe Ruth and Ted Williams would admire my batting average. 

Please take a moment to read this abstract and the conclusion. Yes, I’m asking for 5 whole minutes of your day:

Gao, X, et al. (2009). “Mitochondrial DNA Damage in Iron Overload”

Please read the conclusion slowly. If you know anyone struggling with heart disease and/or neurodegenerative conditions (AD, PD, ALS, MS, etc.) please be sure they see this.


Now you know exactly how excess, unbound iron kills our mitochondria.

A votre sante!


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