February 12, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #19: Start connecting the dots on how magnesium deficiency is tweaked by iron

(Formerly #22)

This is a classic Infographic from Ancient Minerals website.

Please review and savor the life-affirming, & health-enhancing qualities of our sponsor, magnesium!

The only change I’d make is to point out the fact that 3,751 proteins (enzymes) must have Magnesium to work properly*. The infamous “300 enzymes” was a SWAG provided by a physiology professor at Harvard Medical School in the 1950’s.

“Damiano Piovesan, et al. (2012). The human “magnesome”: detecting magnesium binding sites on human proteins.’  


What I will also invite folks to do is start to connect the dots that the pre-existing condition to magnesium deficiency is having on excess, unbound iron overwhelming our tissues, all over our body.

Now that’s some iron enlightenment that we can get healthy from by realizing that iron overload especially in our tissues is the origin of magnesium deficiency. 

A votre sante!


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