April 22, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #28: Stop allowing ferritin only blood test!

(Formerly #28)

My friend and fellow iron-focused practitioner, Shawn Bean has recently shared with me this very important article about ferritin:

Kell, D.B. Pretorius, E. (2014). “Serum ferritin is an important inflammatory disease marker, as it is mainly a leakage product from damaged cells.”

I can assure you, you will not like what it has to say and that it is decidedly closer to the truth about your iron status. (Please know, this is only the 2nd time I’ve read an article that has over 450 citations, heck, even I’m impressed!)

Please read this article, carefully and slowly.
Also please share a copy with your healthcare provider so you can stop allowing ferritin-only blood tests.

Please start doing this blood test at your earliest convenience to find out what’s really going on with your true iron status:

I believe the implications of this research are profound. Thank you, again, Shawn!

A votre sante!


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