April 12, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #27: On the Iron-ic ignorance of blood testing

(Formerly #28)

This post is about how iron blood testing can be so ignorant. 

Please read this important article:

Fields, M. Bureau, I. Lewis, C.G. (1997). “Ferritin Is Not an Indicator of Available Hepatic Iron Stores in Anemia of Copper Deficiency in Rats.”


Please share with your healthcare practitioner to show the discernment to understand the metabolic difference between iron deficiency and iron dysregulation.

Please stop basing decisions on iron status using a ferritin only blood test and ask for involved testing. You can start basing decisions on iron status using a more complete assessment of your iron metabolism: 

Please start basing decisions on iron status using a more complete and responsible assessment of your iron metabolism:


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