May 25, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #35: Mother Nature intends iron to be moving not stored

(Formerly #34)

Please say a prayer of thanks to Sir Douglas B. Kell, PhD (University of Manchester).

Kell, D.B., (2010). “Towards a unifying, systems biology understanding of large-scale cellular death and destruction caused by poorly liganded iron: Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, prions, bactericides, chemical toxicology and others as examples.”

Please share with your healthcare provider to highlight the dynamic between Fenton chemistry and ferritin.

Please take the time to read the highlights of this seminal study that flies in the face of convention. 

“I summarise the evidence that in a great many cases, one underlying mechanism, providing major stresses of this type, … of hydroxyl radicals via Fenton chemistry involving poorly liganded iron, leading to cell death via apoptosis..”

Mother Nature’s intention is to mobilize iron and ceruloplasmin’s importance is to keep the iron moving.

As we know there are practitioners that focus on storage of iron rather than what Sir Dr Kell is teaching us that iron is supposed to be moving around our body not stored. 

A votre sante!


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