June 19, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #37: There’s no such thing as heart failure!

(Formerly #36)

I had no intention of posting so soon on the heels of #36, but the universe sees it differently. This article is simply too important not to share.

For anyone dealing with heart failure and edema, read this article consider asking that your cardiologist do the same:

Wang, Y., et al. (2011). “Iron-Induced Cardiac Damage: Role of Apoptosis and Deferasirox Intervention.”

“Excess tissue iron content as a result of iron overload or accumulation is estimated to affect up to 100 million people worldwide…Excess tissue iron accumulation is toxic and can lead to heart failure.”

There is no such thing as heart failure.  Note how the precision of how excess unbound iron activates the mechanisms of apoptosis and cell death. 

This is not only happening in heart cells (cardiomyocytes), this precise mechanism of cellular demise is occurring all over the body. Iron is attracted to areas where you hold emotional stress in your body. 

I encourage you to take the time to better understand how excess, unbound iron kills and how removing excess, unbound iron revitalizes our cellular machinery.

I am no fan of this synthetic iron chelator being promoted in this article. There are many proven natural mechanisms that have been proposed and discussed in earlier posts.

I’ve always wondered how my grandfather, Dada, died in his 93rd year. He had a very full life, but he suffered greatly at the end. And now I know the why, and the how, and hopefully so do you too.

A votre sante!


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