November 6, 2015
Iron Toxicity Post #8: Why Morley has ‘lost it’ and is obsessing over iron and the proper management of iron.

(Formerly ITP#9)

Do you wonder why I am so obsessive about iron and the proper management of iron? Have a read of this article:

Irazusta V., et al. (2008). “Major targets of iron-induced protein oxidative damage in frataxin-deficient yeasts are magnesium-binding proteins.”

“When iron accumulates, chelatable iron replaces magnesium at the corresponding metal-binding site, promoting selective damage to these proteins.”There are 3,571 proteins that require magnesium to do their work.

Despite the distorted iron blood tests and faulty interpretation of iron status, we are what I call members, from cradle to grave.

We are accumulating iron each and every day. 

The key to optimal management of iron is more ceruloplasmin, not more iron.  Please take a moment and reflect on that.

Our objective as a community is to reduce our iron burden and preserve our precious stores of magnesium.

A votre sante

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