June 24, 2013
Magnesium Sulfate & Pregnancy…

One of our MAG-pies brought this important article  to my attention — which had the following headline:

FDA: Drug used to stop early labor can pose serious risks to babies

Now that’s attention getting, eh?!?…
For those that might be wondering: this issue about Mg posing a risk is utter rubbish!
Please keep in mind, the FDA is the same agency that approved GMOs, Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Fluoride-activated Rx medications, just to name four of their many decisions designed to ensure our metabolic demise and the medical dynasty that reigns supreme in America today.

“It is shocking, frankly, how little people know, how little doctors

know, about this vital mineral (magnesium).”

-Jay S. Cohen, MD, author of “The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure”

So, to set the record straight, please take a moment and read this amazing article written by Dr. W.J. Fawcett, a distinguished professor of Anesthesiology in Surrey, England. (Please pay particular attention to pgs. 304-307)

It is worth noting that Mildred S. Seelig, MD, MPH, the world’s greatest Mg-champion, noted in her Magnus Opus: “Pregnancy is a Magnesium-deficient state.”

It is a shame that more women and more OB-Gyns don’t know this simple fact. But actually they do… You see, outside the United States, the use of Magnesium, in general, and the use of MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulfate) is quite prevalent. In fact, it is standard operating procedure in Japan, China, the Pacific Rim, and Europe to routinely use this mineral salt, aka as Epsom Salts, especially during labor and delivery.

So when did our awareness of this vitalizing mineral start and come from? (Hint: look at the Center of the map…)

So, it’s quite understandable why the FDA might be concerned about this…

It’s only been around since the early 1600’s, and was first studied by a member of the Royal Society in England during that time period, Nehemiah Grew, MD. A notable link profiling his important contribution about Magnesium, especially the Mg SO4 form, also known as “Epsom Salts is included for your review…”

Please note that these observations and insights were shared with the world in 1699.

Mg SO4 has only had 400+ years of continuous use to prove its worth to millions and millions of both pregnant and not. And if more pregnant women simply laughed at this headline and did an Epsom Salt bath daily, throughout their 9 months, there would be few, if any, complications come day of delivery. That and the bambino produced would be happier, healthier, and more in balance with its metabolic mineral, Maggie!

One last comment, and this comes by way of Professor Pierre Delbet, MD, a distinguished Professor of Medicine who practiced in Paris, France circa 1910-1940, who emphatically instructed his medical colleagues:

“Magnesium is a food — NOT a drug!”


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