September 10, 2018
Monika T. | The Root Cause Protocol helped with my overheating
For 35 years, I was unable to go outside in the heat for more than a few minutes without becoming overheated. As a police officer in IL, I landed in the ambulance or hospital more than once because of overheating with my gear on. I implemented the Root Cause Protocol (the whole thing, not just magnesium) in January. I can now go outside on hikes for hours and, while I’m hot and sweaty, I’m no longer passing out. I live in AZ where the sun is much stronger (less humidity – YAY!) and I don’t need sunglasses anymore to drive where before I needed them as soon as I walked out the door. The RCP works, but it is intended to help your body heal itself so it must be done together (do start slowly though) and it will not happen overnight. Best of luck!

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How long have you been following the Protocol?A year and a half. What health issues/symptoms led you to the protocol?High blood pressure. What changes have you seen in your health from starting/following the protocol?Normal blood pressure after 4 months of the RCP....