January 7, 2013
My "AHA!" Moment About Magnesium, by Larry Trivieri Jr.

The following is a guest post from Larry Trivieri Jr., a leading lay expert and author in the field of self-care healing methods and holistic, integrative medicine.  Full bio at the end of this article.  -Morley
I’ve been writing about health for more than 25 years, usually with an emphasis on proven self-care steps we can take to create and maintain improved levels of health and well-being. During that time, I’ve been privileged to meet, interview, and learn from literally hundreds of the most acclaimed health experts in the all-encompassing field of holistic, integrative medicine, including such luminaries as Drs. Norm Shealy, Bernie Siegel, Jeffrey Bland, Richard Kunin, Alan Gaby, Robert Cathcart III, and Abram Hoffer, as well as two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, PhD, who devoted much of his life to the study of nutrients, especially vitamin C and niacin (vitamin B3). All of them have graciously shared with me their key recommendations for ensuring better health. Invariably, of course, they always included the importance of a healthy diet and proper nutrition.
As a result, thanks to what I’ve learned from them, I know more than most people about a wide variety of nutrients, such as vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B12, CoQ10, probiotics, digestive and proteolytic enzymes, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and many others. By incorporating such nutritional supplements into my daily lifestyle, as needed, along with health eating and a modicum of exercise, I have been able to maintain a good state of health and rarely spend any time or money on doctor visits. All told, I thought I was doing all of the essential things I needed to do to live a healthy life in our increasingly toxic world.
Until a few months ago, that is.
That’s when I first met Morley Robbins. When I did, the proverbial scales fell off my eyes about one of the most important elements that I was neglecting for my health:
Until Morley began sharing his vast knowledge about Magnesium and all of the many vital health benefits it provides, I’d always assumed I was getting enough Magnesium from my diet, given that I regularly consume a lot of vegetables. Probably not, Morley explained, pointing out the mineral deficiencies in our nation’s crop soil (I knew this), the various ways that stress can deplete our bodies’ mineral stores (I knew that too), how nearly all pharmaceutical drugs act as Magnesium drains because of their fluoride content (I didn’t know that, but thankfully do not take any type of conventional medications), and how ignored Magnesium is by conventional and integrative physicians alike (with a few notable exceptions among the latter, such as Dr. Carolyn Dean) despite the fact that an average of 2,000 published studies about it have been published annually in medical journals around the world for decades (I didn’t know this either).
But what really made me sit up and pay attention to Morley was when he told me, “Magnesium is now a recognized component of 3,751 proteins in the human body, and is essential for 1,400 metabolic pathways, and 350 enzymes. There is no other mineral or nutrient that even approaches 10% of that level of functioning. And 100% of our cells, more than 100 trillion of them, MUST have Mg-ATP to run their myriad functions. Every single one of them!”
No other health expert had ever told me that before.
The more I listened to all that Morley shared with me about Magnesium (or Maggie, as he likes to refer to it), the more I realized that I was most likely deficient in Magnesium, just as nearly 90 percent of all other people in the United States are. And so I immediately started to supplement with Magnesium on a daily basis. Given that I was already reasonably healthy, so far I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes, but that’s not the point. Because of all I’ve learned from Morley, I now know that my daily supplementation with Maggie is helping to ensure that my body has enough of this miraculous mineral to meet all of its needs each and every day. Soon, at Morley’s suggestion, I will also have my Magnesium levels determined by Mag RBC testing, a simple and inexpensive blood test. (Learn more about Mag RBC testing.)
The more that Morley shared with me all that he knows about Maggie (it’s with good reason he’s known as Magnesium Man!), the more I began to ask myself why none of the other health experts I’ve met over the years had never told me what Morley did. Many of them, after all, emphasize diet and nutrition as a primary component to the way they treat their patients.
After a bit of reflection, the answer became obvious. Simply put, no matter how deep and extensive their expertise may be, no expert knows everything there is to know about health. In addition, even among those who focus solely on nutrition, most health experts tend to emphasize a balance all essential nutrients in one’s diet rather than any single nutrient by itself. This makes very good sense, since our bodies are designed to function on a full array of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, etc.
But Maggie may be the exception to this rule. At the very least, thanks to Morley, I now know that it is far more important than most doctors realize, let alone the general public. Certainly, it is the most overlooked nutrient, and its lack in most people’s diet in and of itself goes a long way to explaining the ever mounting health crisis that our nation is facing.
As Morley also pointed out to me, “Today’s allopathic field of medicine runs on the rail of Magnesium deficiency and, regrettably, most doctors have not even been trained in the most basic elements of minerals and vitamins.”
Morley has made it his mission to change all of that. In the process, he has studied the reams of published research on Magnesium and distilled out from it a comprehensive understanding of how and why Magnesium deficiency is at the root of most of the serious debilitating and life threatening diseases we as a nation are now struggling with. His discoveries, in this regard, are truly important and something that all people need to know about. Especially with regard to heart disease, which remains our nation’s number one killer, yet in the vast majority of cases, could completely be prevented and reversed if only doctors understood—as Morley does—its underlying cause, which is—you guessed it!—a lack of Magnesium.
In the weeks and month’s ahead, Morley will explain to you how Magnesium deficiency underlies all of the risk factors that cardiologists mistakenly consider to be the causes of heart disease, including elevated cholesterol levels, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction, and more.
I consider Morley’s synthesis of all the research he has uncovered about Magnesium to be both revolutionary and vitally important. Though he is not a doctor, if his message about the importance of Magnesium gets through to the public at large, I truly believe that he will have done more to advance the cause of health in this country than the entire medical community combined.
That may sound like hyperbole to you, but consider this fact. Throughout history, many of the world’s seemingly set-in-stone systems eventually were toppled by discoveries made by those who were on the outside of those systems. This isn’t surprising, when you think about it, since most everyone within those systems has a vested interest in seeing the status quo maintained. Change to any system is almost always initially resisted and rejected because of the threat it appears to be to that status quo.
When it comes to the field of medicine, Morley is indeed the type of innovative outsider whose work could lead to a massive and very positive “sea change” in the way doctors and patients alike think about health. That’s why I have decided to help him get his message out any way that I can.

Put “Maggie” To Work For You

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for this hoped for sea change to occur. All you have to do is follow Morley’s advice. Get to know Maggie and supplement with her each and every day. And do your best to educate your own doctor by asking him or her to check your Magnesium levels. Most likely he or she will tell you that isn’t necessary. If so, insist that you be checked anyway and tell your doctor about Morley!
Most importantly, since you too are almost certainly Magnesium-deficient, take action today to restore your Magnesium levels. To learn how to do so easily and effectively, follow Morley’s suggestions: How To Restore Magnesium In 3 Steps. In addition, I also encourage you to join the Magnesium Advocacy Group’s Facebook community, where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and be kept abreast of Morley’s ongoing research.
Health & Blessings,

Larry Trivieri Jr is a leading lay expert and author in the field of self-care healing methods and holistic, integrative medicine. In addition to being the editor and principal writer of the landmark health encyclopedia Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, he is also the author or co-author of more than a dozen books about health, including The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide; The American Holistic Medical Association Guide to Holistic Health; Health On the Edge:Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium; and Juice Alive. He has also written feature articles for a variety of national magazines, including Alternative Medicine, Natural Health, Natural Solutions and Yoga Journal, and was the founder and publisher of The Health Plus Letter, an online newsletter read by readers in more than 30 countries.

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