Sanna G. – Fatigue, Hashimoto’s

Posted on August 18, 2020 by RCP Admin

I actually didn’t have any expectations when I started the protocol, but then realized 5-6 weeks into it that my energy level was much higher than in a long time.

I’ve eaten an paleo diet in one way or another for ten years, still I had some issues (the main one being fatigue).

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos eleven years ago and I was completely burnt out seven years ago and 1,5 years ago due to stress.

I experienced a lot of fantastic health benefits when going on the carnivore diet January 2020 (I’ve added some fresh herbs, veggies and berries since) but one of the only things still missing was the energy to do things other than work and take care of the children.

I didn’t have to stop anything on the STOPS list (because I wasn’t doing any of them).
I’m currently taking cod liver oil, and adrenal cocktail with whole food vitamin C, mineral drops, magnesium, bee pollen, and vitamin B capsules from grass-fed beef liver.

I also started donating blood and meditating.

I’m out several hours every day in the sun.

I feel much more energized and stronger than in many years and I have more stamina.
Also, it takes more to get me out of breath.

I still have a few supplements to add, but I think this is an amazing start!

Thank you Morley for appearing on Anna Sparre’s podcast 4Health!
Otherwise, I might never have heard about you!

Sunny greetings from Sweden!