May 20, 2018
September M. | The Root Cause Protocol helped with my overall health
For every newbie reading, researching and reaching out. For everyone in the beginning stages of this process lifestyle. Today is the very first day in SIX years. I have felt that my body was not working against me. Six years of iron infusions, blood transfusions and b-12 injections and today…I felt whole. Like my body was functioning “altogether,” and it wasn’t an effort to feel good. Five weeks of the Root Cause Protocol and all the Starts and Stops. I could feel the detox and have had some awful days, but today… I am counting as my first WHOLE day. Hang in there. Research. Read and read more. Asking questions is wonderful. But, following Root Cause Protocol and implementing slowly and steadily is the KEY. Add in HOPE. I did it, and I want you to know it wasn’t by accident. I know I have a long ways to go. But one good and a strong day after six years is a blessing beyond compare!

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