July 23, 2019
Shelley H. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me reduce my Stress Levels, Hair Loss & Fatigue

“The RCP worked for me!”

I’ve always been “low on iron” when I’ve had blood tests with my Doctor.
Throughout my 40’s I had high stress. Ah… now I see how I must have really depleted my mineral stores.

The last visit to my Doctor for blood tests and she was very worried about my low iron. She is a truly lovely, caring woman, but does not have this information. I dutifully nodded my head as she basically counselled me to pound iron into my system, recommending very high doses and constipation be damned!

But when she gave me the blood test requisition, I asked that all the other levels recommended in the RCP blood test be checked. I had to pay a little extra, but I wanted the proof once I took up the protocol.

I did not take iron. (I nodded my head politely, but had no intention of taking iron!)

My worst symptoms of iron regulation dysfunction were fatigue and running out of breath upon exertion, such as walking up hills. I would have to keep stopping to catch my breath. I am not overweight, and I am a very athletic person. I also had lost hair slowly over the years.

I’ve been on the RCP steadily taking most of the supplements, but not perfectly (still no trace minerals, or rice bran) for about 5 months.

I’d say around months 3-4, I noticed I could walk my dog up a steep hill and did not have to stop. And my hair has really changed. Very unexpected, but it is thick and has a great body now.

I have yet to go test my blood again, but I will, and I will share the results with my Doctor and the information. I hope she follows up on it, but I know how busy and overwhelmed our health care professionals are. (I’m in Canada).

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