May 15, 2018
Silvia D. | The Root Cause Protocol helped improve my Ferritin and electrolyte levels

Anemia? Of course not!

I’m so glad I found this group and didn’t take the synthetic iron pills! As Morley Robbins says, trust Mother Nature!

Your body will fix itself if you give a little help!

Thanks to Morley Robbins and Root Cause Protocol, in LESS than ONE month of The RCP my Ferritin went from 7.3 (10-291) to 12; my circulating iron from 43 (50-170) to 79, and my platelets from 125 (150-400) to 151! And all my electrolytes are balanced!

Eat right, do the RCP and let your body do the rest!

I can’t thank you enough Dr Morley Robbins for your work, and this amazing group.

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