May 5, 2018
Steve S. W. | The Root Cause Protocol helped improve my wife’s blood pressure
7 months into the RCP (Root Cause Protocol) my wife’s blood pressure was normalized to the point she was able to stop taking the herbal formula she previously relied on. I emailed the doctor who suggested the herbal formula that she no longer needed it, thanks to the Root Cause Protocol. The doctor replied that after two months off the formula her blood pressure would go back up. Well, it is now over 5 months later and her blood pressure this morning was 104/76. Here are her last seven readings…
  • 11/08 – 101/61
  • 11/05 – 121/68
  • 11/04 – 126/70
  • 11/03 – 110/86
  • 10/31 – 128/74
  • 10/30 – 130/62
  • 10/26 – 119/85

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